eMat is providing an end-to-end Construction
Material Management and Procurement solution:

Material Management Module (MMM) & Transaction Management Module (TMM) with mobile APP. eMat will bridge Main Contractor, Sub-contractor and Supplier for an all-rounded material management support.

Management Module

Trade facilitator of the material procurement process, where it will manage all transaction documents and content, such as Purchase Request, Quotations, Purchase Order, Delivery Order, Goods Receipt and Financial Settlement records.

Contractor users can operate their end-to-end material procurement workflow over our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. It is organized by the different stages of the material procurement process


Material Request











purchase request

TMM uses the trade document of “Purchase Request” to facilitate the material request stage of the procurement process. The material procurement process is initiated by a material being requested by a site team member of a construction project.

quotation request management

Quotation Management is the stage where purchasing team members submit requests for quotations to target suppliers in order to obtain a quotation necessary to conduct trade for the material procurement process.

purchase orders

Once decisions are made during the quotation management stage of the procurement process, we have reached the material order stage of  the process. During this stage, users will create purchase orders to purchase the required materials.

Delivery Orders

Once an order has been processed, the material is ready for delivery to the site. In TMM, Delivery Order is a document that is served as an internal document with the goal of providing a list of upcoming deliveries for site team members to receive goods against. Mobile app can be adopted in this stage, storekeeper can use their mobile which has already installed our mobile app to get notify by each delivery order details.

Goods Receipt

The Goods Receipt stage represents the materials that have been delivered and received by site team members of the material procurement process. It serves as the digital delivery record with linkages back to its purchase orders.

Supplier Invoice

After materials are delivered to the site, suppliers will submit their invoice, along with its supporting documents such as the manually signed delivery notes in order for the contractor to review, reconcile, and provide payment to complete the transaction.