Our Product

eMat Platform

Mattex believes that advancing the electronic process of material management and procurement will enable customers to experience the convenience of technology and create more business opportunities.

Contractors can check the real-time status of materials anytime, obtain forecast reminders of the delay of goods or project, and shorten the time for manual processing of documents.

Suppliers can receive material submission support and enlarge their market.

The following are the online platforms we developed:

Submission Management Module (SMM):

Cloud-based Submission Management Module that ties in material submission and procurement processes facilitates an end-to-end material workflow.

Submission Review Module (SRM)

Allow consultants or clients to review & approve material submissions by system. Contractors input material submission schedule in SMM and submit via our platform and SRM will receive the related doc, client can review and leave comments through iPad or Web.

Transaction Management Module (TMM):

Trade facilitator of the material procurement process, where it will manage all transaction documents and content.

Supplier Portal:

Allow a main contractor to submit requests to suppliers for material submission content and trade quotation; and suppliers to respond to these requests.

Mobile App:

Linkage to TMM to make it accessible for on-site team members for mobility and real-time reaction.

Subcontractor Portal:

Allow a main contractor to assign material submission and procurement responsibilities to sub-contractors and retain visibility into its status.

Construction Materials

Sheet Pile
River Sand
Ductile Iron Pipe
G.I. Pipe
uPVC Pipe
Mild Steel Pipe
Precast Concrete Pipe
PE Pipe
Insulation Board
Tile Grout
Tile Adhesive
Fabric Reinforcement
Traffic Sign
Plastic / Water Barrier
Precast Concrete Kerb

Proactive and Experienced support for
construction projects

eMat Platform

Contractors and suppliers could subscribe eMat platforms which support online material management and procurement services. For more details, please refer to the page of eMat.

Material Submission Support

Mattex assists in the document preparation by integrating test reports, material specifications and associated documents for the material submission.

Construction Material Procurement

Mattex provides material sourcing & solution and act as a material distributor. We have built solid partnerships with more than five hundred reliable suppliers promise to offer an economic price.

Material Quantity Calculation

Mattex’s quantity surveyors will make recommendations for the materials and cost control required for the project. Besides, technical approval references will be provided, and additional material selections that meet the contract requirements will be suggested.